Jason S. Miyares
Attorney General of Virginia

Virginia Rules: Teens Learn and Live the Law

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Virginia Rules is built upon the success of Virginia's Class Action Program, created in 1996-97 and administered by the Office of the Attorney General since 1998. The Class Action curriculum was designed to be taught by law enforcement officers and focused on the criminal justice system with particular emphasis on how Virginia laws apply to teens.

Over the years, Class Action has evolved into the Virginia Rules program, but the basic premise remains unchanged:  through educating our youth about the law, we can help teens make better decisions, understand their rights and responsibilities, and be better citizens. 


About Virginia Rules

Virginia Rules is Virginia's state-specific law-related education program for middle and high school students. The purpose of Virginia Rules is to educate young Virginians about Virginia laws and help them develop skills needed to make sound decisions, to avoid breaking laws, and to become active citizens of their schools and communities.

Virginia Rules features lessons designed for middle and high school students and an interactive website for use by students, parents, and Virginia Rules instructors. Virginia Rules features 22 stand-alone modules, covering a wide variety of juvenile law issues. Bullying, dating violence, teen driving, alcohol and tobacco, gangs, internet safety, the criminal justice system, and labor law, are just a few of the modules offered. The "curriculum in a box” format is designed to provide instructors with the teaching aids they need at their fingertips: instructors are able to access and download lessons plans, including student worksheets, student topical handouts, PowerPoints, supplemental materials and resource links. In addition, the Virginia Rules website provides a resource-rich clearinghouse for teachers, administrators, school resource officers, parents, and students on a variety of law-related topics. Please visit our website at www.virginiarules.org for more information or to sign up as an instructor.