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Attorney General of Virginia


Government Transparency in Virginia

Attorney General Herring believes that transparency and accountability are keys to good governance. The people of Virginia have the right to know how their money is being spent and how this office is working on their behalf.

Outside Counsel

By law, the Attorney General is responsible for providing all legal services for the Commonwealth and its agencies unless it is impracticable or uneconomical to do so. This is often because the work is highly specialized or would require extensive travel by attorneys. Shortly after inauguration, Attorney General Herring identified outside counsel as an area that needed more oversight and structure, which is why the Office has instituted an official policy for engagement, management, and oversight of outside counsel. It requires a documented determination of need, a competitive procurement policy, and objective evaluation, and bars political contributions to the Attorney General by firms seeking outside counsel work while bids are open.

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2013-2014 Executive Branch Agency Outside Counsel Spending Report

Fiscal Transparency

Attorney General Herring is committed to responsibly managing public resources and getting maximum value for every taxpayer dollar. Within weeks of taking office, he asked a non-partisan, outside group of experts to evaluate the office's operations, including budgets, expenditures, and billing. He has instituted recommended reforms from that group to bring a more data-driven approach to office's operations and to help better account for outcomes and value in selecting vendors.

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