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Attorney General of Virginia

Education Section

The forty-five lawyers in the Education Section provide advice, counsel and guidance to the Commonwealth's educational institutions, including the Commonwealth's public colleges and universities and museums, all under the Secretariat of Education. For the Department of Education and K-12, this guidance often directly influences local schools in implementing the Standards of Learning and Standards of Quality, providing access to technology for disadvantaged students, maintaining discipline and safety on school grounds, complying with federal education programs, and improving school facilities. Virginia’s fourteen colleges and twenty-three community colleges are self-contained communities with the full range of legal needs: campus safety and security, admission and educational quality issues, personnel issues, the proper relationship between colleges and the Commonwealth, contracts, procurement, and financing. The education section also provides legal services to Virginia's museums.


Institutions and Agencies Represented:
Secretary of Education University of Virginia-Wise Department of Education
Christopher Newport University Virginia Military Institute Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind
College of William and Mary Virginia State University State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
George Mason University Virginia Tech Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
James Madison University Richard Bland College Science Museum of Virginia
Longwood University Virginia Community College System Library of Virginia
Norfolk State University Virginia Institute of Marine Science Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
Old Dominion University Southern Virginia Higher Education Center Frontier Culture Museum
Radford University Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center Gunston Hall
University of Mary Washington New College Institute Museum of Natural History
University of Virginia Ash Lawn-Highland Virginia Commision for the Arts
Virginia Commonwealth University    



Deb Love

Senior Assistant Attorney General/Chief

Education Section

Office of the Attorney General
202 North Ninth Street
Richmond, VA 23219