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Attorney General of Virginia

Child Support Enforcement Section

The Child Support Enforcement Section represents the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) in the Department of Social Services. The Section consists of a section chief, three managing regional attorneys, a bankruptcy lawyer expert, and 42 trial attorneys located across the state.

Attorneys in this section, assisted by a small percentage of work handled by outside counsel, handled many child support cases efficiently in 2014—appearing at 130,923 child support hearings. After adjusting for work handled by outside counsel, field attorneys, on average, appeared in close to 250 hearings per month. The majority of these hearings were heard on 4,792 dockets in juvenile and domestic relations district courts dedicated to child support cases. The average juvenile court docket contained over 30 child support cases. On average, each in-house field attorney appeared in court more than twice each week. The attorneys established new child support orders totaling in excess of $1.4 million and enforced existing orders by obtaining lump sum payments of nearly $13 million and coercive sentences totaling 549,871 days in jail.


Victoria W. Dullaghan

Senior Assistant Attorney General/Chief

Child Support Enforcement Section

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