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Attorney General of Virginia

Technology & Procurement Law Section

The Technology & Procurement Law section advises the Secretaries of Technology, Administration, and Commerce and Trade, and serves as primary counsel for Commonwealth officers, agencies and boards that perform central procurement, supplier-diversity, or technology-related functions for the Commonwealth, including the Virginia Information Technologies Agency, the Department of General Services, and the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity.

In addition, this section advises the Governor’s Cyber Security Commission, the Wireless E-911 Services Board, the Geographic Information Network Advisory Board, the Information Technology Advisory Council, the Health Information Technology Standards Advisory Committee, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment Authority, the Broadband Advisory Council, and the State Corporation Commission.  This section assists in advising agencies and institutions throughout the Commonwealth on matters pertaining to public procurement, contract matters, internet or other technology issues, conflict of interests issues, intellectual property, and government administration.  This section also enforces the Commonwealth’s recently-enacted law against bad-faith assertions of patent infringement.

Currently, the section is involved in providing legal advice and guidance on several major technology acquisitions and contract matters for the Virginia Information Technologies Agency, the Virginia Employment Commission, and the State Corporation Commission.


Abrar Azamuddin

Senior Assistant Attorney General/Chief

Technology & Procurement Law Section

Office of the Attorney General

202 North Ninth Street

Richmond, VA 23219