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Attorney General of Virginia

Environmental Section

The Environmental section provides legal counsel and representation to the Departments of Conservation and Recreation, Environmental Quality, Forestry, Game and Inland Fisheries, Health (Environmental Health Services), Mines, Minerals, and Energy, Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services, the Marine Resources Commission, the Secretary of Natural Resources , Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and any other state agency or official with a natural resource, animal law, or environmental issue.  

The section has specialists to provide advice and assistance in multiple areas of environmental, administrative, regulatory, natural resources, real estate, and land use law.  In addition, the Attorney General has independent authority to conduct or assist in certain criminal investigations and prosecutions relating to violations of environmental or natural resources laws.  The section also contains a new Animal Law Unit designed to help assist with the prosecution of violations of the Commonwealth’s animal fighting, abuse, neglect and other animal-related criminal laws and advise on legal matters relating to animals.  

Currently, the section is involved in providing legal advice and direction on key issues facing the Commonwealth and our citizens, including the permitting and development of renewable energy projects, the regulation and oversight of food and drinking water safety, the prosecution of violations of Virginia’s animal fighting laws, sea level rise preparedness, conservation of open space areas, the safe extraction and transport of the Commonwealth’s abundant natural resources, the development and implementation of regulations designed to ensure protection of water quality and the health of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and responsible management of our public lands and marine and game and inland fisheries resources. 


David Grandis

Senior Assistant Attorney General/Chief

Environmental Section

Office of the Attorney General

202 North Ninth Street

Richmond, VA 23219