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Attorney General of Virginia

Office Operations

The Office Operations section is responsible for all aspects of facility operations which include plumbing and electrical issues, housekeeping, furnishings and arranging furniture within office spaces. We also approve and oversee renovations to all OAG buildings (Richmond and regional offices). Other responsibilities include:

  • Requesting new employee access cards and replacement cards
  • Management of Main Office and Regional Offices leases
  • Management of agency mail and deliveries
  • Maintenance of floor plans and evacuation plans
  • Management of Fleet vehicles
  • Investigation, analysis and resolution of operational problems and complaints
  • Records Management, which includes maintaining records as well as properly destroying sensitive documents
  • Ordering all supply requests which include toner, office supplies and paper
  • Purchase and management of surplus property


Gerry White

Director of Office Operations

Office of the Attorney General
202 North Ninth Street
Richmond, VA 23219