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Attorney General of Virginia

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) section is dedicated to providing a reliable, responsive, cost-effective and secure technology infrastructure that will facilitate the vision, objectives and goals of the Office of the Attorney General (OAG). The IT section is customer service focused and provides services that enhance the OAG’s ability to service their clients and the citizens of the Commonwealth. IT is continuously looking for ways to improve business processes, ease of use and integration.

The IT section is organized into three teams that facilitate delivery of support, application and infrastructure services.

Technology Support: The Technology Support team provides support of computers, phones, iPads, printers, and software. Their responsibilities include end user support, computer hardware and software asset management, computer support and replacement, configuration and procurement assistance and technology learning.

Web & Applications: The Web & Applications team develop and maintain custom applications and databases, complaint and correspondence tracking, web content management, web-based consumer services and provide functionality such as workflow and collaboration.

Infrastructure: The Infrastructure team provides support for the network and server infrastructure. Responsibilities include maintaining file and print services, application and web servers, e-mail, wireless and remote access, backup systems, storage and security.


Broadus D. Pettiford

Director of Information Technology

Office of the Attorney General
202 North Ninth Street
Richmond, VA 23219