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Attorney General of Virginia

Financial Recovery Section


The general mission of the Financial Recovery Section (FRS) is to provide all appropriate and cost-effective legal services to obtain recoveries on civil claims in favor of the Commonwealth.  The Section performs all steps required to effectuate financial recoveries on Commonwealth claims, including affirmative civil litigation in courts throughout Virginia. Each year FRS receives from various state agencies and institutions a high volume of claim referrals, which are diverse in nature, including claims to recover: funds owed on accounts receivable related to the provision of state goods and services; tort damages resulting from injury to state property and infrastructure for the Department of Transportation and other state agencies; damages resulting from breach of state contracts; civil fines, costs, and penalties imposed by state agencies for violations of administrative regulations meant to safeguard public health and safety; and overpayments of state benefits or entitlements. The Section also enforces state medical liens on private personal injury and wrongful death claims to recover the cost of medical services provided to the injured parties by state hospitals or that are paid for by state programs.  FRS also oversees, coordinates, and conducts the Office’s responsibilities for pursuing non-Medicaid related recoveries of claims under the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act. 


FRS has several units within it, which reflect the diversity of its plaintiffs’ practice, including a Medical Recoveries Unit, Fraud and Complex Recoveries Unit, General District Court Litigation and Consumer Collections Unit, and Civil and Administrative Judgment Enforcement Unit.


FRS is completely self-funded by contingency fees earned from its recoveries obtained on behalf of state agencies. However, most funds recovered by FRS are returned to state agencies, and, thus, help provide vital public goods and services, like medical treatment, education, roadway maintenance, etc., to Virginia’s citizens. 


Rodolfo R."Rudy"Remigio

Senior Assistant Attorney General/Chief

Financial Recovery Section

Office of the Attorney General

202 North Ninth Street

Richmond, VA 23219