Project Safe Neighborhood

Project Safe Neighborhood is a grant that Norfolk was awarded back in November 2014 in an effort to help reduce the gun & gang violence amongst our youth. Project Safe Neighborhoods Coordinator, Theresa Scales speaks to the At-Risk population about the consequences of gun & gang violence. The agenda of this program is to educate our youth on what the law states in regards to being tried & convicted as adults at the age of 14, the DJJ (Department of Juvenile Justice) process. The program also strives to bring awareness to the affects being locked up has on their future, as well as their family. 

Project Safe Neighborhood has held events that connect with the adults that interact and work with the At-Risk population. These events provide gun and gang awareness information.

Theresa has also given presentations at Elementary, Middle, and High Schools throughout Norfolk, and is speaking at the upcoming Sheriff's Summer Camp. She has also participated in several career days throughout Norfolk Public Schools, and Social Skills groups for foster parents and children. Project Safe Neighborhood Coordinator, Theresa Scales is involved in a large number of activities in the Norfolk area, many of which you will see information about right here.

GAP- Gang Awareness for Parents group with Department of Juvenile Justice - Norfolk Court Service Unit, under the direction of Theresa McBride. This is a very basic gang awareness class for parents of juveniles who are involved in the Juvenile Justice System here in Norfolk. The classes will be held at the Huntersville Multi-Purpose Center once per month. There were about 20 parents last evening. The parents are being referred to the classes by the Probation Officers and the Diversion Counselor. This is a one-time hour long class. In this class, parents learn the definition of Criminal Street Gangs, names of some of Norfolk's local Hybrid gangs, the reasons our youth join, the DJJ system, how their children's behavior will  have an impact on their lives if their child gets further into the system, as well as, things that can be done as a parent to stay in tune with their children. 

A recent news clip from hrScene website highlights the outreach efforts by Norfolk police department in conjunction with the Office of the Attorney General's Project Safe Neighborhood Coordinator: Theresa Scales -  Norfolk Police Hope to Bridge Gap with Community through Forums


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National Crime Victims Rights Week Event Hampton Roads Youth Leadership Conference
Military Circle Mall Booker T. Washington High School
April 8, 2017 - 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm April 22, 2017 - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
880 North Military Highway 1111 Park Avenue 
Norfolk, Virginia 23502 Norfolk, Virginia 23504 - More Info...
Teens Against Gangs  
Southside Boys & Girls Club  
April 21, 2017 - 6:00 pm  
1401 Melon Street  
Norfolk, Virginia 23523  


Theresa Scales giving a presentation at Norview Middle School on real guns vs. fake guns and the consequences of children playing with guns and gun violence in Norfolk. 


There was a young boy who came from the crowd and joined in.