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Student Visas

Forms A and B may be used by any educational institution obligated by §23.2-2 of the Code of Virginia to make reports concerning certain student visa holders.

Using Office of Attorney General Compliance Forms (A) and (B)

  1. Download the forms in either Word or PDF. It is recommended that you use the Word version of the forms. If you do not have Microsoft Word on your computer, download the PDF version of the forms.

    Form A should be used to report student visa deviations or violations falling within the terms of the Virginia Statute.1 If you have reason to believe that a student is unlawfully present in the United States, or is enrolled in a course of study without proper authorization, use Form B.

  2. Fill out all available information, including comments, and save the document. Press tab key to move around on the forms.

    *View country codes for Part II of the forms.

  3. Send the document as e-mail attachments or by regular mail.

If you use the Word version of the forms, you can e-mail the completed forms as attachments. If you use the PDF version of the forms, you need to print out the completed forms and send them by regular mail.

If you send the forms as e-mail attachments, send to:

If you send the forms by U.S. mail, send to:

ATTN: Lynda Turrieta-McLeod
Education Section
900 East Main Street
Richmond, VA23219
(FAX: 804-786-2650)

1§ 23-2.2. Reporting of certain students issued student visas.

Each public and private two- and four-year in institution of higher education in the Commonwealth and the governing board, president, or director of any correspondence school, post-secondary school, or proprietary career school, as defined in § 22.1-319, or flight school in the Commonwealth shall inform the Attorney General of the Commonwealth whenever a student who has been accepted for admission to such an educational institution pursuant to a student visa fails to enroll or who has been attending such an educational institution pursuant to a student visa and withdraws at such institution or violates the terms of his visa. The notification shall contain all available information from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service form I-20 and shall be submitted not later than thirty days after the discovery of the reportable event.
     The Attorney General shall notify the U.S. Immigrant and Naturalization Service and other appropriate national, state, and local agencies of any such failure to enroll, withdrawal, or student visa violations.
     This section shall be effective until superceded by federal action.