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June 2008 Opinions
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08-007 The Honorable Robert Tata
Member, House of Delegates

Financial assistance pursuant to Article VIII, § 10 of Virginia Constitution may be provided directly to students in form of loan or grant funds, appropriated to career college on behalf of student, or appropriated to State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. Legislation may name or create entity to distribute loans or grants directly to student or institution.

08-041 The Honorable Robert B. Wilson, V
Chief Judge, Eighth Judicial Circuit

Where statute designates records as ‘open for inspection’ to certain individuals, such individuals are not authorized to copy records.

08-037 Scot S. Farthing, Esquire
Wythe County Attorney

Statutory power and authority for board of supervisors (governing body) to assign office space in courthouse for offices that are not necessary for use and occupancy of circuit court.

08-033 The Honorable Phillip P. Puckett
Member, Senate of Virginia

First Amendment would protect publication of advertisement containing allegedly defamatory statements which impute misconduct generally rather than against specific individual; unlikely that advertisement would be enjoined by court of law.


Mr. G. William Thomas, Jr.
Chairman, Electoral Board for the City of Richmond

Local electoral boards may not purchase, borrow, or lease direct recording electronic machines.

08-025 The Honorable Mark L. Cole
Member, House of Delegates
Section 15.2‑2311 does not specifically describe type of notice required of local zoning administrator. Any person who denied some personal or property right, legal or equitable, or upon whom burden or obligation is imposed must receive written notice or order of zoning violation. Such notice or order must inform recipient of right to appeal within thirty days; decision is final unless appealed within thirty-day period.