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October 2007 Opinions
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The Honorable Kenneth W. Stolle
Member, Senate of Virginia

The Honorable David B. Albo
Member, House of Delegates

Authority for Virginia law-enforcement officers to detain and arrest individuals committing violations of laws of United States and other states, subject to federal/state limitations; authority extends to violations of federal criminal immigration law. Until law is clarified or ambiguity in federal appellate courts is resolved, enforcement of civil violations of immigration law is unadvisable outside of agreement with federal authorities.
07-034 The Honorable Leo C. Wardrup, Jr.
Member, House of Delegates

General Assembly member who is officer of corporation holding ABC license that is subject of administrative board hearing is party under § 30‑5.

07-069 The Honorable Stephen D. Newman
Member, Senate of Virginia

If requested by Federal Highway Administration, removal by MPO of U.S. Route 29 Bypass from its Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan would require reimburse-ment of funds spent on Bypass; amount equal to such reimbursement would be deducted from primary system highway construction funds for Department of Transportation district in which Bypass is located; amount equal to all state funds expended on Bypass would be deducted from primary system highway construction funds allocated to such district.