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February 2007 Opinions
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06-106 The Honorable H. Morgan Griffith
Member, House of Delegates

Board of Psychology’s general practice standards do not authorize licensed applied psychologist, regardless of specialized training, to perform neuropsychological testing or render expert opinion relating to such testing; such acts constitute practice of clinical psychology requiring licensure as clinical psychologist. Licensed applied psychologist must also be licensed clinical psychologist to provide neuropsychological testing.

06-107 The Honorable Onzlee Ware
Member, House of Delegates

Requirement that juvenile and domestic relations district courts allow self-represented individuals full access to court files of cases to which they are parties; no requirement to provide notice of such individuals’ rights of access to court files.

06-108 The Honorable Robert Tata
Member, House of Delegates

Students enrolled in for-profit career college in two- or four-year degree program are eligible for state-funded financial assistance under Article VIII, § 10 of Virginia Constitution; students enrolled in program leading to certificate or diploma are not eligible for such assistance. General Assembly may appropriate financial assistance funds directly to private, for-profit, nonsectarian, postsecondary career colleges for benefit of students enrolled in degree program.