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February 2006 Opinions
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05-093 The Honorable James M. Shuler
Member, House of Delegates
No conflict between § 18.2-119 and §§ 24.2-307, 24.2-310(B), and 24.2-310.1; individual prohibited from entering school property may enter portion of school property designated as polling place solely for purpose of casting his vote.
06-008 The Honorable Ray S. Campbell, Jr.
Caroline Court Circuit Court Clerk
Clerk of court of record may not record certified copy of instrument previously recorded in his court although copy contains additional exhibits or modification or change to legal description of real property conveyed.
05-094 The Honorable Robert G. Marshall
Member, House of Delegates

Executive Order is permissible to extent Governor is ensuring that laws are faithfully being executed, addition of sexual orientation as protected employment class within state government was intended to, and in fact did, alter public policy of Commonwealth. Changing public policy of Commonwealth is within purview of General Assembly and, therefore, beyond scope of executive authority and is unconstitutional.