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September 2002

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02-066 The Hon. Edward Semonian, Clerk
Circuit Court of the City of Alexandria
Clerk may authorize minister or other clergy to perform marriages upon production before circuit court of proof of ordination or licensure, without personally appearing before clerk. Issuance of order authorizing minister or other clergy to perform marriages is discretionary; clerk may compel personal appearance as condition of such order.
02-074 The Honorable Richard H. Black
Member, House of Delegates
Department of Conservation and Recreation has no authority to issue regulation prohibiting, within state parks, carrying of concealed handguns by valid permit holders.
02-055 The Honorable John R. Newhart
Sheriff for the City of Chesapeake
Sheriff is appropriate official to determine reasonableness of levying distress warrant for delinquent taxes and holding public sale of property, proceeds from which will not satisfy secured interests or unpaid taxes. Meaning of ‘priority’ as term relates to payment of sale proceeds toward satisfaction of delinquent taxes or secured interests. Secured party with lien on distressed property must receive notice of distress sale.
02-077 Mr. William G. O’Brien, Chairman, Board of Directors, Virginia Resources Authority Inclusion of Virginia Resources Authority in Commerce and Trace Secretariat is for state government organizational purposes; does not alter independent nature of Authority to govern its affairs according to enabling statutes. Board of Directors has exclusive power over personnel policies of Authority, with exception of appointment of Executive Director.