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June 2002 Opinions

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02-041 The Honorable John T. Frey
Clerk of the Fairfax County Circuit Court
Clerk should assess recordation tax on Security Instrument drawn under Islamic law based on original acquisition balance as defined in instrument and assess separate fees for Assignment Agreement, since document effects two transactions of equal dignity.
02-050 The Honorable Harry J. Parrish
Member, House of Delegates
Governor has power to direct State Board of Elections to reduce amounts it reimburses localities for salaries of electoral board members and general registrars in order to achieve legislatively mandated budget cuts.
02-053 The Honorable Clifton A. Woodrum
Member, House of Delegates
Virginia Code § 63.1-248.3.A(12) imposes a duty on volunteer and professional Boy Scout leaders, who have reason to suspect that a child has been abused or neglected, to report the matter to the Department of Social Services.
02-061 The Honorable C.W. Jackson
Sheriff for Westmoreland County
Northern Neck Regional Jail Board has no independent authority to pay bonuses to its employees. Instead, the Board has the authority to request the participating localities of regional jail to adopt ordinance providing for payment of bonuses to employees of Northern Neck Regional Jail.