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September 2001 Opinion Index
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01-079 The Honorable William C. Mims
Member, Senate of Virginia
Every offer or extension of consumer credit within Commonwealth must be in compliance with Federal Truth-in-Lending Act and Regulation Z. State law claims are precluded where conduct forming basis of claim is regulated by federal law. Borrower who disputes lender’s ability to establish cut-off or reasonable hour for posting payments to his account is limited substantively and procedurally to remedies and recovery allowed under federal law; is prohibited from recasting his claim under other state law theories.
00-076 The Honorable J.S. Walton
Sheriff for King William County
Authority of King William County sheriff’s office on Mattaponi and Pamunkey Indian reservations in county. Same protections of law of Commonwealth are extended to tribal members as are extended to nonmembers. King William County sheriff’s office may exercise same law-enforcement authority on Pamunkey and Mattaponi Indian reservations as elsewhere in county—may serve legal process, arrest warrants, and subpoenas, and investigate misdemeanors and felonies.
01-073 The Honorable Gail S. Berry
Treasurer for Greene County
Duty of county sheriff to enforce local ordinance requiring vehicle owners to display current county decals.
01-075 The Honorable Riley E. Ingram
Member, House of Delegates
Buildings owned and used as schools by City of Hopewell are "public places" that may not be sold without recorded three-fourths affirmative vote of all members elected to city council.
01-021 The Honorable Michael J. Valentine
Judge, Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court
Juvenile court has jurisdiction to try case involving adult charged with driving in reckless manner which places person of juvenile in danger.