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August 2001 Opinion Index
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01-042 Mr. George Mason III
County Attorney for
   Westmoreland Co.

Town that proposes to extend its sewage system into adjacent county without sewage system and sewerage services is not required to give notice and submit application to county for approval of extension.

01-076 The Honorable Donald L. Moseley
Secretary of Administration
Qualified organization authorized to remove proceeds from pull tabs sales from its gross receipts is exempt from permit requirement, provided annual gross receipts resulting from charitable gaming do not exceed $25,000. Charitable Gaming Commission must enforce audit, inspection and enforcement requirements of charitable gaming statutes that are not predicated on organization’s gross receipts. Charitable gaming statutes do not restrict organization’s use of proceeds from pull tabs games.
01-043 The Honorable Geraldine M. Whiting
Commissioner of the Revenue
   for Arlington County
Commissioner of revenue may disseminate to treasurer or his employees confidential meals tax information that is necessary for treasurer to fulfill his duty to collect meals taxes. Bank designated by treasurer as depository to receive payments due county has authority to receive meals tax payments; its knowledge of proprietary information related to treasurer’s collection is not tantamount to violation of secrecy of information provisions.
01-029 The Honorable Brenda B. Rickman
Commissioner of the Revenue
   for the City of Franklin
Restaurant is not entitled to refund of local meals taxes erroneously collected from customers and remitted to county.