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2000 Official Opinions
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Section 2.1-118 of the Code of Virginia authorizes the Attorney General
of Virginia to render official opinions to the Governor,  members of the General Assembly, judges, the State Corporation Commission, state agency heads, and certain local officials.  The Honorable Mark L. Earley was sworn in as Attorney General at noon, January 17, 1998.  
The Honorable Richard Cullen served as Attorney General of Virginia
from June 11, 1997,
to January 17, 1998.  The Honorable James S. Gilmore, III, served as Attorney General during 1996 until his
resignation on June 11, 1997.

**   Beginning with October 2000 opinions, a new format has been instituted to provide detailed summary information.  Please click the link below for October Opinions**




September 2000
Michael Foreman - Marriage license & certificate open to public for inspection (00-058)
Emily Couric, Paul C. Harris & Mitchell Van Yahres - Retirement community resident can serve as Director on facility's Board of Directors (00-072)
Henry A. Thompson Sr. - Authorization to use taxes to pay personnel cost w/ E-911 system not extended to contract costs (00-026)
R. Steven Landes - Tax credits for property devoted to agricultural & forestal production (00-050)

August 2000
Harvey B. Morgan - Two or more counties may establish joint Dept. of Real Estate Assessment (00-048)
William H. Fuller IIII - Define term "operates" pertaining to pyramid promotional (00-053)
Sharon B. Will - Transfer legal custody of minor from biological mother to unrelated couple  (00-054)
James Camblos III - Candidates for local office posting signs on state highway rights-of -way (00-001)
H. Morgan Griffith - Transition of City of Clifton Forge to town status (00-069)
W. Edward Meeks III - Motorist warned in advance by posted sign of reduced speed limit (00-056)

July 2000
Robert Bendall - Family assessment team may not refer juvenile to JCCA services  (00-034)
R Lee Ware Jr.- FOIA and open  School Board meetings (00-042)
Jack Kennedy, Jr. -  Internet Access to Court records  (00-031)
H. Russell Potts - Sharing information with schools about student offenses(00-049)
John W. Hasty - Definition of commerical establishment in optometry regulations (00-052)
Paul Harris, Sr - Authority of Board of Supervisors to refund real estate taxes (00-038)
R. Wayne Compton - Univeral service charges on cellular phone bills(00-016)

June 2000
John T. Frey - Foreign business trusts recognized in Commonwealth (00-039)
Nancy W. Miller - Assessment of local taxes on privates businesses on federal property (99-088)
Vincent Callahan Jr. - Restrictions condominium owners assoc. imposes on unit owners (00-035)
John Chichester - Use of review standards and appeals of health care service determinations (00-033)
Claude Meinhard - Magistrate can't issue warrant to sheriff who is magistrate's 1st cousin (00-036)

May 2000
Steven Micas - City of Hopewell closed meeting to discuss personnel matters (99-061)
Jeffrey Parker - Individual employed by water dept. may serve on town council (00-029)
Terry Kilgore - Authority to pass money to prospective company to locate in county (00-040)
Arnold Oliver - Board member may continue to serve after relocating to another state (00-004)
Marsha Garst - Fire Marshal may use blue lights on vehicle (00-009)
Preston Bryant - Legal sufficiency of notary seal (00-021)
Gary Waters - Whether court may order local sheriff to assign felow to work release program (99-113)
Gene Ergenbright - Authority to reinstate rate permitted by uncodified enactment (99-093)
Betty Cauley - Authority of calendar-year locality to change property tax rate (00-013)
Mary Lou Ebinger - Commissioner of Revenue responsibility to administer food/beverage tax (99-066)

April 2000
J.R.Zepkin - Interpreters in civil cases (99-079)
John P. Grzejka Dual office holding by commissioner of revenue (99-081)
William J. Howell -Court approval for distribution under UCTA  (00-017)

March 2000
Edwin N. Wilmot - Hopewell may not hire temporary employees pursuant to written contracts (99-080)
R. Steven Landes - Augusta Co. may not serve persons residing in Staunton/Waynesboro (00-003)
Jo Ann Davis - Property subdivided for conveyance to family member in different counties (99-119)
J. Curtis Fruit - Signature of judge for attested copy of court order (99-107)
Archer L. Yeatts III - Not sufficient to impound driver's vehicle after DUI arrest warrant issued (99-085)
Stephen D. Newman - Local school board may open meetings with prayer (00-002)
Dennis G. Smith - Preneed funeral contract;  Medicaid applicant can qualify for resource exclusion (99-078)
William C. Mims - Sales and Use tax exemption applies to equipment for Internet access service (00-005)
Ray A. Conner - Mandatory payment of interest on overpayment of taxes (99-092)

February 2000
William C. Wampler, Jr. - FOIA - state college board of visitors meeting (99-075)
Charles R. Hawkins and Whittington W. Clement - Securitize tobacco settlement revenues (99-118)
Robert G. Marshall - meaning of term "satellite facilities" (99-105)
Robert G. Marshall - "off track betting parlor" transmission outside of Commonwealth (99-104)
Robert G. Marshall - operate racetracks & simulcast racing in Dumfries &Prince William Co. (99-084)

January 2000
Kenneth R. Melvin - Legislator as principal in development team (99-095)
Robert S. Bloxom - General Assembly members serving on boards (99-099)
Charles R. Hawkins - Drug testing of students and employees (99-103)
Harry J. Parrish - Create corporation to contract debt for county (99-090)
Joseph V. Gartlan Jr. - Pupil required to attend drug testing and treatment (99-101)
H. Morgan Griffith - Abandonment of Route 655 (99-091)
Watkins M. Abbitt Jr. - School bus child safety seats (99-102)
Harry B. Blevins - Locality's authority to impose food, beverage or meal tax (99-110)