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1998 Official Opinions
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Section 2.1-118 of the Code of Virginia authorizes the Attorney General of Virginia to render official opinions to the Governor,  members of the General Assembly, judges, the State Corporation Commission, state agency heads, and certain local officials.  The Honorable Mark L. Earley was sworn in as Attorney General at noon, January 17, 1998.   The Honorable Richard Cullen served as Attorney General of Virginia from June 11, 1997, to January 17, 1998.  The Honorable James S. Gilmore, III, served as Attorney General during 1996 until his resignation on June 11, 1997.




January -1998
Charles Hawkins - County moratorium on swine production
Sharon Pandak - Fingerprinting handgun permit applicant
Kirk Cox - Special election procedures

February -1998
Preston Bryant - Restriction on selling tobacco products
Preston Bryant - Geographical restrictions on parolees
Richard Black- Delegate serving on County Library Board

March - There were no official opinions for March 1998

April -1998
Stephen Newman - Partial Birth Abortion

May -1998
Larry Davis - Affordable Housing programs
Kenneth Plum - Use of surplus revenues to build commuter parking lot
Allen Dudley - Use of drive-away license plates
Jack Kotvas - Real Estate Board Authority
C. Phillips Ferguson - Pawnbroker interest rates
J. Curtis Fruit - Recordation taxes

June -1998
Charles Hawkins - Public hearing on sale of building
Phillip Hamilton - Record checks on school employees
John Hasty - Pharmacy regulations
John Hasty - Doctors referral fee
William Howell - Preneed burial contracts

July -1998 - There were no official opinions for July 1998.

August -1998
Emily Couric - Purchase of Surplus state property by state employees
John Reid - Confidentiality of ABC investigations

September - 1998
Emmet Hanger  - State Song Competition
Walter Stosch - Credit Card Interest Rates
Frederick Payne - Removal of Courthouse
Gary Waters - Handgun permits for retired officers
Thomas Ammons - Discovery request for non-prosecuted charges
William Rosser - Charitable purpose tax exemption
Mar Vita LA Flint - Property Tax Exemption for elderly

October - 1998
Rodger Smith - Right to Farm act
Frederick Quayle - Care of Confederate cemetery
Warren Barry - Financial aid for nonsectarian schools
Joseph Gilmer - Clerk's authority to appoint deputies
Roger Mitchell - Courthouse security
Sharon Pandak - Hearings in abuse cases
Albert Teich - Seamen filing fees
Donald McEachin - Trigon demutualization
John Watkins - Written consent for medical record release
John Mills Barr - Attorney fees in workers cases
Mitchell Van Yahres - Release of loan by housing authority
Edward Meeks - Child restraints in rescue squad vehicles
George Mason - SCC Water rates
Everette Carmichael - Subpoena for confidential tax information
Calvin Massie - Tax assessment errors
Stanley Lewis - Tax exemption for marina
Stanley Lewis - Medical center tax exemption
Philip Kellam - American Legion tax exemption

November - 1998
Thomas Baker - Town employee running for town council
Clifton Woodrum - Local govt entity providing telecommunications services
Janet Howell - Protective order in family abuse cases
Edward Semonian - Retention of microfilmed documents
Kirkland Cox - School attendance based on location of residence
Clifton Woodrum - Food stamp act

December 1998
Frank Hargrove - Virginia War Memorial Foundation
Riley Ingram - FOIA for City Council Executive Session
D. Bruce Patterson - Circuit clerks fees for passport applications
R. Stevens Landers - Director of Local Victim Assistance Program
W. Edward Meeks - Criminal Prosecution for failure to support
L. Louise Lucas - Hiring of school personnel
Emily Couric - Campaign Disclosure forms
William Bolling - Transportation of Solid Waste
R. Edward Houck - Accepting streets into secondary highway system
Johnny S.   Joannou - Regional Jail Authority representatives
Phillip Hamilton - Certified massage therapists
William Roscoe Reynolds - Situs of rolling stock for taxation
William J. Howell - Certificate for wills
Jay Katzen - School board leasing of building