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1997 Official Opinions
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Section 2.1-118 of the Code of Virginia authorizes the Attorney General of Virginia to render official opinions to the Governor,  members of the General Assembly, judges, the State Corporation Commission, state agency heads, and certain local officials.  The Honorable Mark L. Earley was sworn in as Attorney General at noon, January 17, 1998.   The Honorable Richard Cullen served as Attorney General of Virginia from June 11, 1997, to January 17, 1998.  The Honorable James S. Gilmore, III, served as Attorney General during 1996 until his resignation on June 11, 1997.



January -1997
Frederick Quayle - Recordation of Wet Settlement Act instruments
Jay Katzen - Juvenile curfew
John Watkins - Conditional zoning
Thomas Baker - Gambling and safety program
John Smedley -Sanitary district taxation
 Emily Couric - Health care insurance
Clifton Woodrum - EMS-DNR orders
Rita Holbrook - Disclosure of taxpayer information
Carl Peed - Treasurer's distress letter

February -1997
Yvonne Smith -Clerk's fees
Morgan Griffith - Antique weapons
Joseph Johnson- Violations of county ordinances
John Gould - Order of nolle prosequi
Fletcher Hardraker- Authority of commission
Gary Waters- Arrestee's personal property 

March -1997
Larry Falls- Discovery in criminal cases
Eric Cantor - Private prisoner transportation
Eric Cantor - Minimum wage for tipped employees  

April -1997
Thomas Horne - Temporary court facilities
Jack Roberts - School construction programs
John Edwards - Off-duty employment of police officers
Charles Hawkins - Appointment to EMS Advisory Board
Susan Whitlock - Court Clerk's Authority
Carl Peed - Good conduct credits
Margaret Moncure- Private jail corporation
Jay DeBoer - Service charges on tax-exempt property
Thomas Baker - Situs of personal property taxation  

May -1997
Gwendolyn Jackson - Detinue Proceedings
Jack Rust - Weapons ordinances
Vincent Behm - Voting in party primaries
Ross Mugler - License taxes
N. Everette Carmichael - Releasing taxpayer schedules
Caroline Watts - Probate jurisdiction

June -1997
Eric Cantor - Industrial Loan Association
Robert McDonnell- Business License Taxes
Robert Hull - Owner of Leased Vehicle
Melissa Dowd - Real Estate Taxes

July -1997
Emily Couric-Conditions on appointments
Robert Marshall - Charging for use of softball fields
Clifton Woodrum - Water system deposits
David Grimes - Juvenile civil orders
Russell Townsend - Handgun permit criminal checks
Phillip Hamilton - Membership on juvenile services board
Robert Vaughan - Rollback taxes

August -1997
Frank Wagner - Brewery payment of sponsorship fee
J.R. Zepkin - Service of process
Emmett Hanger - Lease of land by museum
Marsha Fielder - City Auditor
Jay Katzen - Insurance service fees
David Brickley - Solicitation of title insurance
Whittington Clement - Preneed funeral contracts
Barbara Carroway - Mobile homes and distress taxes

Ronald Hall - Jury lists
Joseph Gartlan - Grievance hearings
Vincent Callahan - Property tax plan
Frederick Payne - Courthouse relocation
Howard Gwynn - Violation of protective order
Jean Cunningham - School board salaries
John Watkins - Building code violations
Richard Holland - Community services boards
Philip Robinson - Sheriff's transportation responsibilities
Sam Barfield - Removable decals
Dennis Godfrey - Prison work forces
Everette Carmichael - Regulation of trucking companies
Ronald Carrier - Meal taxes
William Bolling - County alcoholic beverage taxes
Anne Sayers - Property taxes

John Frey - Confession of Judgment
Joseph Benedetti - Student Loans
William Reynolds -Town Council vote
Kenneth Stolle - Land use
Larry Davis - Water supply regulation
Michael Valentine - Delinquent's driver's license
Harold Plaster - Mult-jurisdictional grand jury
Paul Councill - Legal representation at school board meeting
Robert Marshall - Domestic Partner insurance
Larry Davis - Penalty for delinquent taxes
Jean Shrewsbury - Real estate taxes
John Atkinson - Compensation for special commissioner

Mitchell Yahres - Right to Farm Act
Frank Drew - Writ of Possession
Neil Vener - Arrest without warrant
Linda Puller - Virginia Property Owners Association Act
Roger McClure - Adoption payments

Robert Marshall - Computer procurement
Emily Couric - Foreign Bank as trustee
James Agnew - Sheriff's sale of stock certificate
Frank Greenwalt - Service on corporation
Thomas Jackson - Transportation of juveniles
Douglas Napier - Town water charges
Lisa McKeel - Possession of human remains
Neil Vener - Handgun laws
James Harvell - Forfeiture of cash bond
George Grayson - Divorce jurisdiction
Joe May - Education standards
Gordon Saunders - Voter registration lists
Joe May - Tractor/trailer safety
Jimmy Weaver - Snowmobiles
Thomas Baker - Sales tax on jail purchases
Charles Crowson - Wholesale merchant sales tax
Richard Kirk - Probate taxes
Robert McDonnell - Rollback taxes
Brian Moran - Home solicitation sales act