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1996 Official Opinions

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Section 2.1-118 of the Code of Virginia authorizes the Attorney General of Virginia to render official opinions to the Governor,  members of the General Assembly, judges, the State Corporation Commission, state agency heads, and certain local officials.  The Honorable Mark L. Earley was sworn in as Attorney General at noon, January 17, 1998.   The Honorable Richard Cullen served as Attorney General of Virginia from June 11, 1997, to January 17, 1998.  The Honorable James S. Gilmore, III, served as Attorney General during 1996 until his resignation on June 11, 1997.






January 1996
Walter Stosch - Ethic provisions of Procurement Act
Thomas Kelley - Appeal bond for Unlawful detainer action
Willam Howell - Signatures required for instrument of vacation
G. Blair Harry - Zoning ordinance proceedings
Clarence Phillips - Exemption from taxation of tourism authority.
Anne Rhodes - Referral sales program.
Ray Conner - Rent for bingo games
Kevin Miller- Highway sign regulations
Clifton Woodrum - Dental insurance coverage
Samuel Nixon - Wearing of headphones by vehicle driver
Gladys Keating - Pedestrian right of way
James Almand - Energy Assistance regulations

February 1996
Kenneth Stolle - Lt Governor's vote
Paul McCulla - Federal Area Authority
Charles Griffith - Criminal charges under advisement
Patricia Drain - Absentee voting
Robert Edwards - Emergency custody orders
Franklin Slavin - Local merchants capital tax

March 1996
Donald Williams - Procurement Act

April 1996
Sharron Mitchell - Garnishment Fees
Daniel Siegel - Claims against Board of Supervisors
Fletcher Harkrader - Relocation of Courthouse
Penelope Kyle - Lottery-like tickets
Clarence Williams - Capias service
Robert Hull - Public school residence requirement
Warren Barry - Library board
William Howell - involuntary commitment hearing
Audrey Franks -Authority of special justice
Frederick King - Snowmobile safety regulations
W. Edmund Meeks - jail canteen profits
Gordon Saunders - Nonstock corporation property transfer
Charles Crowson - Hospital License tax exemption
John Tate -Personal Property tax reduction
J.C. Overstreet - 911 system tax
Dennis Simmons - 911 system director's salary
Ann Thomas - Real Estate taxes
Audrey Brooks - Rollback taxes
Helen Longest - Furniture company taxation

May 1996
Donald Williams -Medical College of Hampton Roads
Douglas Napier - Religious displays
Joanne Alper - Child detention order
Jeffers Schmidt - School board vacancy
James Scott - Locality comprehensive plan

June 1996
Thomas Baker- Town Employee on Town Council
George Mason - County supervisor on planning commission
Dale McGhee - Zoning ordinance restrictions
Jack Kennedy - Court record user fees
Raymond Robertson - Housing complex trespass
William Mims - Cellular phone on school grounds
Christine Turner - Forfeiture agreements
Lydia Taylor - Forfeiture of vehicles
Thomas Horne - Judges of foreign courts performing marriages
Louise Lucas - Architectural review boards
Stephen Newman - Community services boards

July 1996
Charles Hawkins - Board of Supervisors control over EDO
Teron Bell - Commonwealth Attorney role in DOLI actions
Warren Barry - County library board appointee
J.R. Zepkin - Mental health commitment hearing fees
Blair Harry - Time limits on commitment hearings
Lee Morris - Involuntary commitment process
Yvonne Smith - Restoration of driving privileges
John Frey - Recordation tax exemption

August - no official opinions were issued for August 1996

September 1996
Charles Hawkins - Financial Disclosure Forms
Jean Cunningham - Nonprofit Educational Foundation not state agency
William D. Heatwole - Private Process service
Charles Hawkins - Commissioner of account and sheriff's fees
Fletcher W. Harkrader III - Zoning amendment processs
Riley E. Ingram - Water and sewer connection fee
Edgar L. Turlington Jr - Small claims court jurisdiction
Brian J. Moran - Talent contest
Eric Cantor - Real Estate Recovery Act

October - no official opinions were issued for October 1996

November 1996
Sharon Pandak - Dog Ordinances
Lacey Putney - Supreme court rules
Frank Hargrove - Publication of Legal notices
Thomas Dix - Service on commissions
Daniel Siegel - Zoning Ordinances
Darvin Satterwhite - Manufactured Homes
James Harvell - Substitute Judges
William Mims - Minors as undercover agents
Gary Waters - Sheriff's records
Linda Puller - School Board Lease
Frank Drew - Voter registration
Norman Morrison - Motor Vehicle Licensing Requirements
Clay Hester - Medical treatment for confined juveniles

December 1996
Jean Cunningham - Public Procurement Act
Joseph Serkes - Criminal History Records
Raymond Guest - City council vacancies
Virgil Goode - Health care planning