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Conflict of Interest Act & Ethics in Public Contracting Training

NOTICE: The 2004 DVD previously distributed for Conflict of Interest training is no longer supported by this Office or approved for training. For the training course and materials, please access the Knowledge Center link listed below.

Since 2004, the State and Local Government Conflict of Interest Act (“COI Act”) training has been presented by the office in live presenta-tions and via a video-taped presentation in DVD format downloadable from the Attorney General’s official website.  Many of the state officers and employees who are required to take this training are scattered throughout the Commonwealth and did not have easy access to the live presentations, the DVDs, or have the capability to download the training.

In cooperation with Department of Human Resource Management (“DHRM”) and Department of Transportation personnel, who originally adapted the presentation as an interactive training course, Attorney General Herring is pleased to provide the training via Internet access.

In addition to the training on the COI Act, the interactive training also outlines the requirements of the Ethics in Public Contracting portion of the Virginia Public Procurement Act.

The training is suitable for the visually impaired as the audio portion of the training explains the COI Act in detail providing numerous examples to illustrate the Act’s provisions.  The training is also geared towards the hearing impaired as the material is presented via slides and the audio script may be viewed.  A course outline is also provided and may be printed for later reference.

To access OAG Knowledge Center go to  Please follow the instructions carefully on the login page.  Please review the informational links on that page before registering.

NOTE: If you have used the Commonwealth of Virginia Knowledge Center previously you may need to change your password using the Forgot or Change password link.