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Intern Program

The attorney general is the chief executive officer of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Law. He and his staff represent the interests of the Commonwealth in all civil cases naming the Commonwealth or any of its agencies or officials as a party, and in criminal cases on appeal to the Court of Appeals of Virginia and the Supreme Court of Virginia. In cases involving federal law, the attorney general represents the Commonwealth's interests before the federal courts.

The attorney general is also the legal advisor to the Governor and more than 200 state agencies, boards, commissions and institutions. He renders official opinions on the application of the law upon the written request of the Governor, members of the General Assembly, members of the judiciary, state officials, and local constitutional officers.

The Office of the Attorney General is one of the largest law firms in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The office is organized into six legal Divisions: Executive and Administration; Civil Litigation; Commerce, Environment, and Technology; Health, Education, and Social Services; Public Safety and Enforcement; Transportation, Real Estate, and Construction.  Each is headed by a deputy attorney general reporting directly to the chief deputy attorney general, an appointee of the attorney general.

Generally, each staff attorney advises and represents one or more state agencies. In this capacity, he or she will be involved in representing the agency in litigation and before various legislative and administrative bodies; in drafting and reviewing legislation and regulations; and in providing day-to-day legal advice and counsel to agency staff. Staff attorneys have significant responsibilities for the conduct of the matters to which they are assigned. Our goal is to develop and maintain a staff of highly-skilled professionals dedicated to serving the public interest. Law student interns are assigned to various staff attorneys within the legal divisions and can expect to participate fully in the day-to-day activities of the Division.

Interns who qualify under the Third-Year Practice Rule may have the opportunity to participate in that program and should include a copy of the Certificate in their applicant package.

Our intent is for the intern to become an extension of the staff attorney or section staff and to make a vital contribution to the functioning of the office. We offer a Volunteer Summer Intern Program for which we ask a commitment of one month full-time, or two months full time or part-time volunteer service, and a Clinical Intern Program in which students earn credit towards their law degree.

Civil Litigation Division: This Division includes the following Sections: Consumer Protection/Antitrust and Consumer Enforcement, Insurance and Utilities Regulatory, Trial, Employment Law, Workers’ Compensation, Division of Debt Collection, and Sexually Violent Predators Civil Commitment.

Commerce, Environment and Technology Division: This division includes the following sections: Environmental Law, Financial Law and Government Support, and Technology and Procurement.

Executive and Administrative Division: This division includes the following sections: Opinions Counsel and Senior Appellate Counsel, and Solicitor General.

Health, Education and Social Services Division: This division includes the following sections: Education, Health Services, Medicaid and Social Services, and Division of Child Support Enforcement.

Public Safety and Enforcement Division: This division includes the following sections: Correctional Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Health Care Fraud and Elder Abuse, Special Prosecutions and Organized Crime, Health Professions, Tobacco Enforcement, and Computer Crimes.

Transportation, Real Estate and Construction Division: This division includes the following sections: Construction Litigation, Real Estate and Land Use, and Transportation.

HOW TO APPLY: Please submit an expression of interest for summer placement (including areas of interest and work availability), together with a résumé, writing sample and law school transcript to:

Sara I. Martin
Human Resources Analyst

Office of the Attorney General
900 East Main Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Telephone: (804) 225-3733
Fax: (804) 692-1647

Applications must be received by March 1st each year in order to
receive full consideration for summer placement.