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Mission Statement

The Virginia Office of the Attorney General is the Commonwealth’s law firm. The office is charged with providing legal advice and representation to state agencies, commissions, boards, the legislature, lieutenant governor and the governor; assisting in criminal investigations and prosecutions in cases such as Medicaid fraud, elder abuse, theft of state property, environmental crimes, and computer crimes; enforcing state laws that protect businesses and consumers from fraud; defending criminal convictions when they are appealed; upholding and defending the United States and Virginia constitutions; and defending the laws of the Commonwealth when they are challenged on constitutional grounds.

In carrying out these obligations, this office will adhere to the highest ethical and legal standards and bring the necessary legal resources to bear to protect the people and the welfare of the Commonwealth of Virginia. As Virginia’s law firm, the Office of the Attorney General is dedicated to seeing that justice is served and the right course of action is consistently taken in accordance with the law and the constitutions of the United States and Virginia. By faithfully serving Virginia and her people, this office strives to ensure that the Commonwealth will reach a future even brighter than its glorious past.